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Most belly dance instruction focuses on the “what”

It’s easy to find classes and DVDs that teach moves and choreography. But there’s a lot more to the dance than just repertoire!

For great dancing, you also need to understand the “why” (musicality and culture) and the “how” (composition, stagecraft, performance skills, and professionalism).

But it can be hard to find help with those “soft skills”.  


And for a belly dance geek, that’s really frustrating!

We don’t just want to dance. We want to know. We want to understand.

For us, dancing is way more fun with lots of yummy knowledge to back it up.  


Introducing The Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse


The Clubhouse is a place where belly dancers can get together and get geeky.

Each month, I’ll invite a different guest expert to talk to you about something cool, interesting, and useful. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions.    

And you can keep the conversation going in our private Facebook group.


How it works

The Clubhouse is a teleseminar series. That’s a lot like a radio show, except we do it on a conference call instead of on the air. You can listen in live by phone, Skype, or on the web.

If you can’t make it live, don’t worry! Each call will be recorded, so you can listen later.

It’s fun, it’s free, and best of all, it’s geeky!  


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Next Guest:

Jamie Lynn

Maqams for Dancers

Tuesday, January 30th 8pm Eastern Time

(see that in your time zone)  

Jamie Lynn will talk about maqams and why it is important and valuable for dancers to learn about them.

We’ll also have some discussion time, so you can ask your questions too.

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