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Geek Out with Sahra Kent

Geek Out with Sahra Kent


The Puzzle of Egyptian Folklore

Episode 23 of the Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse:
My guest, Sahra Kent (aka Sahra Saeeda), will talk about how understanding the context is the key to making sense of Egyptian folklore.


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If you’ve ever wondered why so many videos of the same folkloric style (such as Saidi) can look so different, Sahra’s breakthrough “tables” approach can help you make sense of it.

So join me and Sahra for a geek-tacular discussion on how to put together the puzzle pieces so you can finally get a clear picture of Egyptian folkloric dance.

As always, we’ll have some discussion time, so you can ask Sahra your questions too.

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About Sahra

Sahra moved to Cairo to research for her Masters Thesis in 1989, and received a contract with the Meridian-Heliopolis 5-star hotel where she danced for 6 years.

She has taken her love of dance ethnology and created the Journey Through Egypt program to help inspire and educate more dancers to the culture and history of belly dance.

Check her out at:


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Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse Episode 23

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Resources mentioned on the call:

Journey Through Egypt Web Site

Journey Through Egypt workshop schedule

Sahra’s guide to Zeffat al ‘Arusah (the bridal procession)


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