Having Trouble Finding Your Personal Style in Dance?


Belly dance is personal.

A ballerina might portray a character like the Sugar Plum Fairy, but as a belly dancer, you always portray yourself. You’re sharing your tastes, your feelings, and your preferences.

In short: belly dance is all about your personal style.


But personal style can be hard to pin down.

We know it when we see it. And we know that it makes the difference between a good dancer and a great one.

But when we try to find our own personal style, we don’t know where to start.  

We know we have to “be ourselves”, but nobody tells us what that actually means, or how to go about it.


So no matter how hard we work, it stays elusive.

Nadira with Zils

    Personal style comes from within.     But bringing it out isn’t so easy.


We practice hard, we take workshops and buy DVDs, and learn all kinds of wonderful things. But no matter how many choreographies we learn, or how well we can copy someone else’s signature move, we still can’t say what it means to be uniquely ourselves.

Looking outside yourself is an important part of the learning process, but it’s not enough. To find your authentic personal style, you need to look inward.

You need to cut through all the distractions, and find your own path.


Introducing Personal Style Snafus

In my Personal Style Snafus teleclass, we discussed the challenges dancers face when developing their personal style.

The teleclass is over, but you haven’t missed out!
I’ve turned the call recording into a downloadable program, so you can have it too.

In this 70-minute program, you’ll learn:
  • The 3 mistakes that keep dancers from finding their authentic personal style
  • Why the latest moves from Cairo aren’t enough (not even for Egyptian style dancers!)
  • How to focus your style without pigeon-holing yourself


I can’t tell you what your personal style is. But I can help you find that out for yourself.

What to expect:

Once you complete your payment, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download the recording.

The recording is an MP3 file, which you can listen to on your iPod or computer, or burn to a CD.


homeworkIf you order the premium package you’ll also receive my 19-page companion workbook, with worksheets and journaling exercises to help you discover and refine your personal style.

This will be delivered as a downloadable PDF file, so you can start working right away.

I have to share this:  I was literally in tears at one point in the journaling…

… because I realized that a lot of my efforts in the past few years have been in trying to be the kind of dancer I thought I should be, rather than who I really am. As I was looking down at the pages of the workbook I realized that I had been making exactly those kind of mistakes Nadira described.

But she sets you up with a really great framework for correcting those mistakes, and I feel like now that I’m armed with this information about myself, I can redirect my energy in a way that will allow me to “find myself” in my dancing.

– Aziyade

(Read her full review on Bhuz)


Get It Now:


What’s Included:

Basic Package
Premium Package
Personal Style Snafus teleclass recording

Personal Style Snafus workbook
(worth $10)

$15 $18
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Still Not Sure?

I’m proud of this program, and I’m looking forward to hearing all about your personal style discoveries and insights.

But I know how disappointing it is to get all excited about something, and then discover that it’s not a good fit.

So I’m offering the “I Hate Nadira” guarantee.

If you aren’t happy with Personal Style Snafus for any reason, just let me know within 10 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full refund.

And when I say “for any reason”, I mean it.

If this program isn’t right for you, you can have a refund.

If you decide personal style isn’t a priority right now after all, you can have a refund.

If you decide that you hate me, and can’t stand the sound of my voice, you can request a refund for that too.

(But I hope you will love the program and think I’m awesome.)

So if you think you might like it, go ahead and give it a try.

If you don’t love it, it’s on me.


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