Are You Struggling In the Improvisation Deep End?

Improvisation Toolkit Vol. 1 and 2

Many dancers are frustrated by improv, and it’s no wonder!

Most instructors teach belly dance improvisation by telling their students to “just do it” in class.

Throwing someone in the deep end of the pool may teach them to swim, but it will also teach them to hate swimming!

The Improvisation Toolkit DVD series starts you off in the shallow end.

We’ll use practical, step-by-step exercises to develop the most fundamental (and often neglected) skills needed for improvisation, so you can gradually let go of the pool wall, and head into deeper and deeper water without fear.

Even if you’ve tried before and given up, you can learn the skills you need to improvise with confidence.


This series will teach you the core skills of improvisation:


Volume 1: Movement Recall

Without choreography, you have to think of movements on the fly, but still leave enough of your brainpower free to focus on other aspects of your performance.

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Volume 2: Structure

Nothing bores an audience faster than scribbling! In order to keep them engaged but not overwhelmed, you need to put your movements together in a logical, structured way. Your audience can’t appreciate your artistry if they can’t follow your train of thought!

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Volume 3: Transitions

Smooth transitions don’t just make your dancing look more polished. They also help facilitate the flow of moves and ideas while you improvise.

Volume 4: Dimension  

No matter how many movements she uses, a dancer can still seem flat and one-dimensional. Dimension gives your dancing a richness that makes it interesting to the audience – even when you’re only using a few movements!

Volume 5: Musical Interpretation in the Moment

It is often said that the dancer should be the visual embodiment of the music, but that can be a tall order. When working with unfamiliar or live music, you must analyze and respond to the music on the fly.

Where to Start


The Improvisation Toolkit is a step-by-step system.

Even if you already have improvisation experience, it’s important to begin by building strong movement recall skills.
Otherwise, the other skills you learn won’t come to you easily in the moment.

So I strongly recommend that you begin with Volume 1.


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