Improvisation Toolkit Vol. 1: Movement Recall


Improvisation Toolkit Vol. 1: Movement Recall

Approximate Runtime: 80 minutes
List Price: $29.95

“It gets 5 stars because this is groundbreaking. Others have included bits and pieces about improv in their material but [Nadira] is the only one who has pulled it all together and made it accessible.”
– Patricia Croteau

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When you try to improvise, do you:

  • Draw a blank?
  • Remember only a few movements, even though you know many?
  • Take forever to think of the movement you want?
  • Wish you could focus on the more creative aspects
    of your performance?


Drawing a blank is the result of having too many choices, not too few!



Why You Can’t Find Your Keys

Your movement vocabulary is like a big tote bag: the more you put in it, the more time you spend digging around for your keys!
But some purses have special pockets and compartments that make it easy to find your things.

You put the items you use most often in the easy-to-reach outside pocket, so you don’t even have to think about where they are. You can just reach in and your keys will be where your hand expects them to be.

You put the rest of your belongings into the other compartments of your purse. Even though they aren’t in that handy outside pocket, you can still find them quickly, because you know exactly where to look.

Organize Your Purse

We’ll sort your movements into the right compartments in your brain, so you can find the one you need quickly.

Keep Your Keys in the Outside Pocket

We’ll begin by establishing safety moves, and ingrain them so deeply in your muscle memory that you can do them by instinct alone.

When your brain can’t think of what to do next, your body steps in and provides the move.

You never get the chance to draw a blank!

Pack the Essentials

We’ll also train your body to use your safety moves in many different ways and transition smoothly between them.
This will allow you to perform interesting and beautiful variations with just a few movements – and only minimal input from your brain!
This frees up the brainpower you need to let go and think more creatively in the moment.

It’s ironic: training your body in a small number of movements makes it easier for your brain to remember the rest!

Change Goes in the Change Purse

Once your safety moves are second nature, we’ll use simple memory tricks to help you access the rest of your movement vocabulary.
Not only will you be able to remember more movements, they’ll come to you faster!

How it Works

The Toolkit eases you into belly dance improvisation using a series of practical, step-by exercises:


Self-knowledge is the source of creativity. The journal exercises, done on paper, will help you take stock of your skills and movement vocabulary.
They are deceptively simple, and may even seem trivial, but don’t skip them: they are a powerful foundation for your improv journey.

Guided Exercises

These are the drills that will get improv out of your head and into your body. I’ll explain each one and demonstrate on camera. Then, because you can’t learn to improvise by simply following what you see on the screen, I’ll use voice-over to guide you through your own practice.

Plug & Play Choreography

We’ll start you off in the improv shallow end by teaching you a partial choreography and leaving some sections open to improvisation.
But even in those sections, you won’t be told to “just do it”. I’ll give you guidelines to use as a life preserver until you’re comfortable enough to let go and swim on your own.



You didn’t think you were getting just a DVD, were you?

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Free Bonus Downloads:

For a limited time, you can use the code printed on your DVD to download bonus versions of the exercises.

When you get too familiar with the exercises featured on the disk, these alternative
versions to keep you on your toes. They’re also done without music, so you can practice improvisation to your favorite songs.

You’ll find the download URL and access code printed on your DVD.

Bonus DVD in paper sleeve

Bonus Expression in Improv DVD (Premium package only)

As I’ve spoken to dancers about their improvisation questions, I kept hearing that many of you have trouble staying expressive while you improvise. So I created this mini video for you with my favorite techniques for boosting confidence, staying connected to your audience, and making sure that your expressiveness shines through.

You’ll get this video in the same format that you choose for your Improv Toolkit video (physical DVD or download).


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Bonus Downloads (worth $15)

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Bonus Expression DVD (worth $15)

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Need a PAL-formatted version (most of Europe, Australia, and NZ)? See Notes for International Viewers below.

Shipping charges for one DVD:

US: $3.00
Other countries: $10.00

Shipping charges for two DVDs:

Order Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 together, and save on shipping.
US: $4.00
Other countries: $11.00

(Important: this only applies to two DVDs purchased in a single order. If you place two separate orders, you’ll be charged the single-DVD rate for both. To order both, add Vol. 1 to your cart on this page, then go to the Vol. 2 page, add it to your cart, and then check out.)

Notes for International Viewers

All my DVDs are region-free, so they’ll play on any DVD player. However, I only keep the NTSC-formatted version in stock. That means that unless you have an NTSC television (or a converter), you won’t be able to watch it.

I’m closing out my stock of PAL-formatted DVDs, but I still have a few copies available. Contact me to order.
You can also buy the PAL-formated version directly from the manufacturer.

Not sure which format to buy?

NTSC is the standard format in the US, Canada, and Japan.
(List of countries using NTSC)

PAL is the standard format in most of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
(List of countries using PAL )

Please check your TV format before you order. I’ll be happy to exchange it if you choose the wrong one, but I’ll need you to pay the shipping costs both ways.

Still Not Sure if The Toolkit is For You?

For the time being, I’m offering a “break the shrink wrap” guarantee. If you work with Volume 1 of the Toolkit and don’t feel that is has been of value to you, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping.

And not only THAT, but the bonus DVD and downloads are yours to keep.

Why Do That?

Because I’m a video junkie myself. I know how disappointing it is to buy a video and then discover that it wasn’t what you need. I’m hoping that this will catch on and become the industry standard.

Is There A Catch?

There sure is. This return offer only applies to those of you who:

  • Order your DVD directly from me (rather than through Amazon or another retailer)
  • Actually work with the DVD before the deadline and don’t get any value from it

I have only your word to go on, so please be honest! If my return policy is abused, I won’t be able to offer it in the future.

Also: I’m closing out my PAL stock, so the guarantee only applies to my NTSC-formatted DVDs.

Why Isn’t It No-Questions-Asked?

A money-back guarantee isn’t just about the money. My guarantee is also there to help you get results sooner.

How many times have you bought a video you were really excited about, and then left it on the shelf unopened?

Under my return policy, you have to try the program in order to get the refund, and you have to do it within 30 days. If you don’t actually try the exercises, you don’t qualify.

This gives you an incentive to get started right away. And the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll seee an improvement in your improv skills. Even more importantly, those quick results will help build the momentum to carry you through your improv journey.

The Fine Print:

In order to get your refund, you must:

  • Contact me within 30 days of the date your video is postmarked to ask for a return authorization number
  • Return the video to me at your own expense, postmarked within 5 business days of the date I send you the return authorization.
  • Include the authorization number in your return.

If you have any questions about the return guarantee, feel free to contact me.

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Special Thanks

This DVD features music from “Belly Dancing for Fortune and Fame” by The Mogador Band, courtesy of Stella Grey. Available on Amazon.

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