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Sustainable practice for life

In 2014, I completely turned around my dance practice.

I used to be a “feast or famine” practicer, doing a big practice one day, and then nothing for days – or weeks!

But now I consistently practice every morning.

(And I am NOT a morning person.)

I didn’t discover some magic source of willpower

In fact, willpower had almost nothing to do with it.

I didn’t gain extra hours in the day

I had a full-time dance business and a full time day job when I did my turn-around.
(I’m now part-time at my day job, and loving it, but that happened later.)

Nadira's Graduation

I don’t have a literal engineer hat.
Unless you count the mortarboard…

Instead, I got smart about how I practiced

You know that phrase “work smarter, not harder”?

It’s bunk.

Practice takes work. There’s no getting around that.

But there are dozens of things that make that work less likely to happen.

So I put on my engineer hat.

I started observing and optimizing.

I noticed what took time away from practice.

I noticed what made me feel like not practicing.

I tweaked little things, like what I wear to bed.

I tweaked big things, like how I see the role of dance in my life.

I learned to work smarter so that I could work harder.

Now you can do it too

Your life is different from mine, so your obstacles and tweaks will be different.

But the same process can get you there.

And I can help.


Join me and Julie Eason for a FREE Training

The 3 Obstacles to Steady Dance Practice

You may remember Julie Eason, founder of The Belly Dance Business Academy from her appearances on The Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse.  

Well this time, she’s turning the tables and interviewing me!


When I told her about how I transformed my own practice, she said we had to share this.  

In this FREE teleclass, you’ll learn:
  • The 3 mistakes that make it hard to practice reliably (and how to overcome them)
  • Why lack of willpower is not the problem
  • How putting dance lower on your priorities list can help you practice more
  • How hilariously low standards lead to high-quality practice
  • 5 trivial tweaks that keep me on track


I’ll also tell you how you can get the support you need to establish your own practice habit in 2015.

The Details:

The live event was held on January 8th, 2015. You missed the call, but it’s not too late! The event was recorded, so you can listen now.

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About Julie

Julie Eason is the founder of The Belly Dance Business Academy where she helps dancers build more fulfilling and profitable businesses.

A belly dancer herself since the mid -1980s, she’s been in the professional dance world as a performer, teacher, artistic director, producer, and costume designer for over 25 years.

Now a full-time marketing consultant, she is on a one-woman mission to stamp out the words “Starving Artist” forever. In her upcoming book, Crowdfunding For the Performing Arts, she helps dancers (as well as musicians, actors and performing companies) learn how to create successful crowd funding campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other platforms.

Check her out at:

About Nadira

Nadira Jamal, aka the Belly Dance Geek™, believes that you are the boss of your own dance.

Instead of feeding you moves and choreographies to copy, Nadira teaches you how the dance works, so you can create it yourself.

She is the creator of 18 products and services, including the Improvisation Toolkit DVD series, and is the hostess of the Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse online radio show.

Check out Nadira’s geektacular resources right here at

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