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Geek-tacular resources to help you learn from the head, so you can dance from the heart.

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Improvisation Skills

Learning to improvise doesn’t have to feel like jumping into the deep end of the pool. Learn to improvise step-by-step.

Training Products

DVDs and downloadable resources.

(All of the routine strategy resources also include improv training.)


Have you tried to establish a steady dance practice in the past but couldn’t keep it up?
Learn how to make practice a rock-solid habit, not a chore.



Routine Strategy

Learn the skills, aesthetics, and improvisation strategies you need to perform the traditional 6-part routine with confidence.


Note: Rock the routine is also offered as a group online course every summer. (Join the waiting list for the next offering.)

Personal Style

Belly dance is personal. Discover and refine your personal style.



Work with Nadira one-on-one.


Video Production

Imagine holding your own instructional DVD in your hand.




Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

They don’t call me The Belly Dance Geek for nothing!
No matter what you’d like to work on, I can engineer a program just for you.
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