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Reach over 1500 enthusiastic, engaged belly dance geeks by sponsoring The Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse.

The Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse is a monthly online radio show where dancers can get together and geek out on topics that are hard to find in classes and DVDs. Each month features an interview with a different guest expert, from big names like Morocco and Princess Farhana, to the dance community’s hidden gems.

The Clubhouse is also released as a podcast that can be downloaded at any time, so you can reach listeners long after the event.

Sponsors get a shout-out:

1) At the beginning of the episode
Right after “Hi, I’m Nadira Jamal, and welcome to episode X of the Clubhouse.”

2) At the beginning of the closing section
Right after I thank my guest for coming. (1-2 minutes before the end.)

3) In each of the three emails I send to the Clubhouse group
You will be mentioned in the episode announcement (1-3 weeks before the call), reminder email (the morning of the call), and link to the recording (up to 24 hours after the call).

4) On the episode page itself
Along with a small logo or product image, if desired.


Your shout-out will take the form:

Your Message Here appears on a white canvass on an outdoor billboard for you to advertise your product or service and attract new customers

This episode is sponsored by (your company), makers of (your product name or description). Check them out at: (your URL)


The “what you offer” can be plain or poetic, but it needs to be short and sweet.

We can also tweak the format slightly to fit your needs, but please discuss that with me before you commit to sponsorship.

See an example

If you’d like to see what that looks (and sounds) like, check out:

Episode 23: Sahra Kent on the Puzzle of Egyptian Folklore – Sponsored by LeoToes

Episode 24: Julie Eason on Crowd-funding for the Performing Arts – Sponsored by Blue Moonstone Designs

The Price

Sponsoring an episode of the Clubhouse costs $50.
I accept Paypal and credit cards.


To be chosen as a sponsor, your product must be:

1) Relevant to my listeners

If my listeners know that all of my sponsors make things they actually need and want, they’re more likely to pay attention to your ads.

2) Body-positive

I won’t accept ads for weight loss or “slimming” products, or anything that uses body judgment in its marketing. This is due to feedback from my listeners, and my own preference, and it is non-negotiable.

That said, some products, like body stockings and workouts, fall into a grey area. These are not inherently body-negative, but are often positioned that way. Whether these products will be accepted depends on your marketing. (Your overall marketing, not just your Clubhouse ad.)

For example, selling body stockings to “hide unslightly rolls” is body-negative, and is not suitable for Clubhouse sponsorship. But offering body stockings “for those who want more coverage” is fine.

Offering a workout program “to blast fat and slim down” is body-negative. But offering a workout to “improve health and fitness” or “improve your endurance for performing” is great.

3) Otherwise non-skeevy

To keep my listener’s trust, I will only choose sponsors that I feel are responsible, professional, and trustworthy.

I reserve the right to deny sponsorship for any reason (even just a bad feeling), and at my sole discretion.

I realize that that may mean that perfectly good vendors may be denied. But this is important for you as well: one skeevy advertiser can make my listeners less likely to trust your responsible business.

If you’re not sure whether you qualify, just ask! I’ll be happy to talk that over with you.

How to get started

Email me at

Please include:

– Your company name
– Your URL
– A short description of your product, service, or business
– Whether you have any special requests (a particular month, format changes, etc.)

Once I check out your business, I’ll contact you about scheduling.

But Maybe a Guest Spot Would Be Better…

If you have something interesting and geeky to talk about, you might be a good candidate for a guest spot instead of paid sponsorship. I always encourage my guests to to promote their work at the end of the call. To make the most of the opportunity, many of my guests schedule their guest spots for when they’re launching a new product, like a book or DVD.

A guest spot is a great way to promote your product.

On the call, we’ll give the listeners information they can use, whet their appetite for more, and let them know that your product is how to get it. (If you’d like, you can also offer a private sale for listeners, to give them a reason to buy right away.) Once they have the experience of learning from you, they’re more likely to buy.

Julie-Eason“Being a guest on the Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse with Nadira Jamal is one of the best ways to get my message out to other belly dancers. I can trace many sales back directly to my appearances on the show. Nadira does a first-class job of marketing the show before, during, and after the actual interview. So, people are exposed to me and my business many times. By hearing my voice, people get to know me and many of them come check me out.

If you sell to belly dancers beyond your local area, you need to be on this show!”

– Julie Eason of the Belly Dance Business Academy

But we’d making a show, not an ad

So the listeners need to come out of the call with valuable info that they can use right away, even if they don’t go on to buy your product.

For that reason, the criteria for guest spots are stricter than for sponsorship.

To book you for a guest spot, I would consider:
  • Whether your topic would appeal to my audience (usefulness, relevance, level)
  • How geeky your topic and approach are
  • Whether there is enough non-promotional content to do an interview lasting 45 minutes or longer
  • Your name recognition (you don’t have to be well-known, but being able to draw an audience helps!)
  • How your topic fits in with the others I’ve covered in the Clubhouse

Guests do not pay sponsor fees (unless they choose to sponsor a different month), and sponsors do not get special priority for guest spots.

If you’d like me to consider you for a guest spot, send me an email at with the details of the topic you’d like to cover.


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