Do you need specific, unbiased feedback on your dancing?


Personal video critiques



The more you advance, the harder it is to get useful feedback:

  • Friends and family don’t have the expertise
  • Other dancers are only comfortable giving positive feedback
  • Even teachers can be reluctant to get as specifically critical as you need them to be


To become the best performer you can be, you need specific, constructive feedback from an unbiased source.

That’s why I offer personal video critiques.


What you get:


Detailed critique:
  • Typically 8-10 pages long
  • Addresses 8 different performance areas
  • Detailed advice on which areas of your dancing need improvement
  • Specific suggestions for making those improvements
  • Input on where your strengths lie
  • A “top 3” list, so you know where to focus your efforts


Follow-up session:
  • A one-hour private consultation with me
  • Opportunity for you to ask questions
  • Create a targeted plan of attack
  • Can be recorded for your reference (optional)


It was *much* more thorough than I expected…

“It was far more on-target and effective than I dreamed it could possibly be; every change I’ve made has made a huge difference in the way audiences respond to my dancing.

There was far, far more *teaching* in the critique than I anticipated. I expected a list of what and how I could do better. Instead, the critique was like chatting with a big sister.

I felt seen, heard, and respected throughout the process…even though it was entirely via the Internet and the written word!”

– Donna Acosta

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How the critiques work


We’ll begin with a brief questionnaire.

This will help me get to know you and gives you a chance to tell me about your questions and concerns.

Next, you send me a video of yourself performing.

This can be from a show, or just you dancing for the camera at home. Most people send this as a private YouTube video, visible only to you and me, but you can also send me a DVD or download link.

Once I receive your video, I analyze it carefully.

Or maybe I should say “obsessively”. On average, I watch a video all the way through 5-10 times, and rewind individual sections dozens of times. I review your performance for dozens of criteria in 8 different areas of performance skills.

Then I compose your critique

I write up a detailed guide to what you’re doing well, where you can improve, how to do it (specifically), and where to focus your efforts.

You’ll receive your critique by email within three weeks.
(That level of quality takes time. If you need faster turn-around, contact me before you order, and I’ll see what I can do.)

Then we schedule your follow-up session

Once you have reviewed your critique, we’ll follow it up with a one-hour consultation. This can be done via phone, Skype or email. We’ll discuss any questions you may have, and make a specific, detailed action plan.

Why Nadira?

Giving and receiving critiques was an integral part of my dance education. My mentor, Amira Jamal, included peer critiques in her classes beginning at the intermediate level.

So before I even started performing, I learned:
  • How to give specific, actionable suggestions
  • How to be kind without sugar-coating
  • Why both positive and negative feedback are important (it’s not just about your ego!)
  • Why learning how to embrace criticism makes you a better performer, teacher, and student

I learned Amira’s lesson well. In addition to applying that knowledge with my local students, I’ve been offering critiques to other dancers since 2009.


Book your critique

Because I go into so much depth, I can only offer two critiques per month.

Depending on demand, there may be a waiting list, so if you need your critique to prepare for an event, contact Nadira before you book.

Price: $297 for a single-song critique (up to 5 minutes)

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Sold out?

If this month’s slots are sold out, contact me to join the waiting list so you can get first dibs on the next available slot.

Or contact me if:
  • You want to buy a multi-critique package
  • You need your critique faster than the three-week turn-around time
  • You have any questions (don’t be shy!)

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