Do you wish you could practice in the morning
– but can’t drag yourself out of bed?

The morning is the best time to practice. Early in the day:

  • You’re fresh and focused.
  • You face fewer interruptions
  • The rest of the world hasn’t had a chance to hijack your day.

You’re much more likely to practice consistently if you do it in the morning.

But getting up earlier is HARD – especially if you’re a night person like me.

Except during the fall time change…

The “fall back” time change is the one day a year when you can wake up an hour earlier without losing any sleep.

So it’s the perfect opportunity to make time for consistent practice.

But the trick is to keep up that schedule when everyone around you isn’t.
And that’s not easy.

So Let’s Do It Together.

Join me for The Painless Morning Practice Challenge

This year, I’m running a FREE 10-day challenge to help you use the time change to painlessly add practice to your morning routine – and keep it there!

The challenge starts Friday, November 3rd, so we can be ready for the North American time change on Sunday the 5th.

And… I’m not doing it as Nadira!

I’ve been helping belly dancers make practice a consistent part of their lives for two years, and helped over 200 dancers.

But I’ve also used the same techniques to build practice habits to help me with language learning, running my business, fitness, and even loading the dishwasher!

So now I’m also using them to write my upcoming book, The Consistent Practice, to help anyone (not just dancers!) show up for the work that matters to them. And I’ll be writing that in my own name, Jessica Donnelly Reed.

So head on over to my other site to meet Jessica (i.e., me!) and sign up for the challenge.

Sign Up Now 

And if you know any writers, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs or language-learners who struggle with showing up consistently, please send them over to that page as well!

p.s. Not changing time on November 5th?

If the time isn’t changing where you are on November 5th, join us anyway!
Your transition won’t be quite as painless, but you can still benefit from the support of the challenge.

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