When you improvise, do you feel like a deer in the headlights?

Deer in the headlights

Expression is often the first thing to go

As I’ve spoken to dancers about their improvisation questions, I kept hearing that many of you have trouble staying expressive while you improvise.

The stress and distraction of creating your dance “on the spot” can stifle your emotions, and freeze your face. And that can make even great dancing look flat.

That’s why I created Expression in Improv

Still frame from Expression in ImprovI created this mini video for you with my favorite techniques for boosting confidence, staying connected to your audience, and making sure that your expressiveness shines through.

To help you use these techniques in a real performance situation, this video does not include any “follow-along” exercises. (Following what you see on screen doesn’t help you practice improv!) We cover concepts, and then you practice them in “DIY exercises”, which are guided by voice-over with no on-screen dancing.

Runtime: 25 minutes

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This program is available on DVD, or as a digital download.

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Expression In Improv DVD

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Remember: you can get this for only $5 when you buy the Improvisation Toolkit Vol. 1 premium package


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