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Geek Out With Morocco

Geek Out With Morocco


The Early Days of Oriental Dance in New York

Episode 15 of the Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse:

The Clubhouse is back after our December break!

My guest, Morocco, will talk to us about the early days of oriental dance in New York City.

We’ll also have some discussion time, so you can ask Aunt Rocky your questions.


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This free call will take place on Tuesday, January 28th, at 8pm Eastern Time.
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About Morocco

(Carolina Varga Dinicu, aka Aunt Rocky)

With 53+ years researching/assimilating/performing/lecturing/teaching
classes & master seminars internationally (including in Egypt, Morocco &
Turkey!) in Near/ Middle Eastern & North African dance, learned “in
culture” here & “Over There”, Morocco has received numerous awards &
accolades in her field & an interview with Morocco is in the Lincoln
Center Dance Collection’s Oral History Archives.

Nominated as one of America’s 100 Dance Treasures, her recently published
reference book (in its 4th printing), already published in German (2013),
is coming out in Chinese (Shanghai, July, 2014).

Morocco organized/ directed/ choreographed for Morocco & the Casbah Dance
Experience. She performed & lectured regularly in NYC’s Museum of Natural
History (1970-98). Her articles have been published internationally since
1965. She’s been both a presenter & subject of other’s papers at CORD,
ICHPER-SD/UNESCO, CID & SDHS conferences. She filmed & produced 6 research
videos/ DVDs that won the Giza Award.

Morocco “invented” tours “Over There” (to Morocco, Egypt & Turkey from
1976 on), geared for ME dancers, so that they could see the REAL thing
that she’s been haranguing them about.

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Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse Episode 15

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Resources mentioned on the call:


1) Morocco’s web site

2) You Asked Aunt Rocky book
(Special just for Clubhouse listeners: get free shipping, if you order through Valentine’s Day (2/14/2014). To get the special price, send a Paypal payment of $50 to If you have any trouble, you can email Aunt Rocky directly at


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  1. Ah, I really hope I manage to listen to this one. I’m normaly terrible about finding time to actually listen to podcasts and stuff (because I can’t do it at work), but have just realised I could cunningly download it to my phone now and listen on the train later 😀 wouldn’t want to miss out on Morocco’s words of wisdom!

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