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How to Change the Tempo of a Song

How to Change the Tempo of a Song


Wish that song was just a little bit slower?

Maybe you can’t quite keep up.

Maybe you need a more moderate pace for classroom drills.

Or do you wish you could speed it up?

Maybe you know that draggy song would be great if you could just pick up the pace.

Maybe you’re working up to faster 3/4 shimmies, but everything falls apart when you double the speed.

Changing a song’s tempo is quick and easy!


I’ll show you how:

In this screencast tutorial, we’ll cover how to slow down or speed up a whole song –
without making it sound like Alvin & the Chipmunks.

(And, actually, I show you how to find that feature too, if that’s what you want…)

What You’ll Need:

1) A song you want to speed up or slow down
(or just one to practice on)

In this tutorial, I’m using stock music by the artist dron on
2) Audacity

This tutorial uses Audacity, which is free, open-source software, and available for Macs, PCs, and Linux.

You can download Audacity at:


Watch it Now:



Your Turn:

Was this helpful?

How will you use the music you sped up or slowed down?

Do you have any other music-editing techniques to share?

What other tutorials would you like me to make?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

  1. This just came in super handy! I got a surprise mini-improv drum solo at the end of a Muwashahat choreography about a week and a half before performance… I’m still working on it, but the drumming is hard to hear at points, and I’m still having trouble counting it out because of the funny rhythm. So I used Audacity to make practice tracks of just the solo and a few bars before it (I wasn’t sure what to use for that until I saw your post!), at full speed, slower, and very slow. These tracks will be my closest companions in the next week.

    • Fantastic! I’m so glad it will be helpful.
      One thing that may also be helpful is to use Audacity to loop individual sections. (I haven’t made that tutorial yet, but it’s essentially cut & paste – just with really finicky cutting.)

      • Dude, make that video! That would indeed have been helpful, though an iPod can also take care of that. Still, mine is a classic, and it’s a pain to change the play settings.

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