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How to Shorten a Song

How to Shorten a Song


Have you ever wished you had a shorter version of a song?

Maybe you need a 3-minute drum solo, but your favorite is 6 min.

Maybe you have a whole routine in a single track, and you want to use one section separately.

Cutting down a song is easier than you think!


What you’ll learn:

In this screencast tutorial, we’ll cover two techniques for shortening songs:

  • How to cut the beginning or ending of a song (with an optional fade)
  • How to cut out the middle of a song


What You’ll Need:

1) A song you want to cut
(or just one to practice on)

In this tutorial, I’m using stock music by the artist dron on

2) Audacity

This tutorial uses Audacity, which is free, open-source software, and available for Macs, PCs, and Linux.

You can download Audacity at:

Note: my screencasting software recorded the music at a lower volume than I would have liked. You may need to turn it up a little to hear it clearly.

Watch it Now:


Your Turn:

Was this helpful?

Do you have any other music-editing techniques to share?

What other tutorials would you like me to make?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

  1. “Geektackular”….hahaha, love it!
    Great tutorial Nadira! Thanks for sharing your knowledge : )

  2. Have you noticed any issues with Audacity and Windows 8? I haven’t been able to cut a song since getting the upgrade.

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