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Geek Out With Anasma and Ranya Renee

Geek Out With Anasma and Ranya Renee


Theatrical Techniques for Belly Dance:

Episode 8 of the Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse:
For the first time, I have two guests on the show at once! Anasma and Ranya Renee will talk to us about using theatrical techniques to enhance your belly dance performance.

(h/t to Kyomi in Baton Rouge, LA, who suggested this topic, and these guests.)


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You’ll learn:

  • How theater techniques help you express yourself as a performer
  • Why they can help you reach wider audiences
  • Literal vs. abstract modes of expression
  • How to create suprises with staging
  • How to use props unusually

We’ll also have some discussion time, so you can ask Anasma and Ranya your questions.


About Anasma


Co-founder and co-director of the New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference, director of World Citizen Dance Inc and World Citizen Dance School, co-founder of the International Urban Bellydance Collective, Anasma is a Performance Arts Dancer, Oriental Fusion Master Instructor, Choreographer and Singer. Drawing from her crossed-training in academic and ethnic dances, acting, yoga, martial arts…, Anasma focuses on making dance meaningful and touching through storytelling, character development, truthful emotions and esthetic powerful movement. She is recognized by her peers for her wild creativity and her constant risk taking and pushing the enveloppe.

Seen in 5 continents and more than 30 countries, featured in many performance DVDs, instructional DVDs and albums, Anasma currently tours Europe, North and South America and Asia to teach and perform in dance festivals, intensives and prestigious theaters. In 2013, she releases her first singing album “CHANCE IS BACK”. Join her on facebook and read more on


About Ranya Renee

ranyamaskportraitRanya Renée began her performing career more than 30 years ago as a theater actress and comedienne, and moved to NYC in 1992 to continue her work as a theater director. She was gradually sidetracked by bellydance until it became her life! One of New York City’s leading Egyptian-style dancer-instructors, Ranya specializes in teaching holistic technique and theatrical performance skills and coaching. She is the co-founder of the Theatrical Bellydance Project, with Anasma.

She produces live events in New York and tours internationally. Ranya’s signature “Breathwork for Performance” method has enabled thousands of artists worldwide to more effectively connect with their own art, and with their audiences. She strives to create a supportive atmosphere in her workshops for both technical precision and artistic growth.

Ranya’s instructional DVDs Bellydance “Egyptian Style: The Baladi” and “Modern Oriental” have earned rave reviews from dancers worldwide. In 2010 she launched her own company, Ginger City Productions, to produce more teaching and performance videos. Ginger City’s first production is “Bellydance Taqasim: Improvisational Skills and Drills.”


This free call will take place on Friday, May 17th, at 1pm Eastern Time.
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You can attend by phone or Skype, or listen on the web.

If you can’t attend live, don’t worry!
The call will be recorded and posted here, so you can listen later.

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Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse Episode 8

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Resources mentioned on the call:

1) Anasma’s web site

2) Ranya’s web site

3) Theatrical Belly Dance Conference
(June 6-10 in NYC. Sessions are already selling out, so register ASAP!)


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p.s. Photo of Anasma and Ranya Renee together by Joe Marquez. Photo of Anasma by David Jiang.

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