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Who is the Belly Dance Geek?

Who is the Belly Dance Geek?


Hi, I’m Nadira Jamal, The Belly Dance Geek.

Most people think that dance and geekery are opposites.

After all, belly dancers are graceful and creative, and geeks are awkward and analytical, right?

But knowledge and creativity are like chocolate and peanut butter.

When you put them together, the results are delicious!


Geek out with me.

I perform and teach in the Boston area, and provide coaching and training for dancers all over the world.

My specialty is teaching improvisation, dance composition, and other performance skills.

I’ve helped over a thousand dancers (yes, really!) through my Improvisation Toolkit DVD series, the Taktaba video podcast, and online courses such as Rock the Routine and Personal Style Snafus.

I’d love to geek out with you too, so stick around!

And if there’s anything I can do for you, don’t be a stranger!

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